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Heating Contractor

It is time to be thinking about getting maintenance done on our heating systems.  Start thumbing through the Heating Contractor Local Listings in your phone book or online and you should stumble upon the best.  At Burdick Heating, you get the royal treatment for all services having to do with your heating and air-conditioning needs.



Burdick Heating has heating solutions for all situations.

We install and repair

  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Fireplaces
  • Furnaces
  • Furnace Filtration Systems

Additional Services

Additional services offered by Burdick Heating are installing dehumidifying systems, humidification systems, radiant heating, electronic air cleaners and carbon monoxide detection systems.  Specialty training has been given to each and every Burdick Heating technician.  You can feel secure in the knowledge that a trained professional is taking care of you and your home so that it is a safe and healthy place to live.

Seasonal Repair and Installation Services

In the fall or winter and they install and repair air conditioners in the spring and summer.  If you use gas or propane, they also repair and install those types of heating systems.  If you need a whole new system, Burdick Heating has the best trained technician crews for the job.

Our business does all this and more to make sure our family has everything it needs to get through the heat of the summer and winter’s bite. Keeping our system running isn’t just something we should expect, it’s something we need. Burdick Heating and air conditioning services are there to make sure we have exactly what we need.

Burdick Heating has been family run since the beginning. They know how important family is, as well as keeping a happy and healthy environment to live and work in. We value family and community and that’s why they will always be there for you. Call us anytime, we’ll be there.

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