Air Conditioning Gig Harbor, WA

Ductless indoor and outdoor air conditioner
Inside a Goodman Heat Pump

When summer arrives, and the weather is hot, your air conditioning system becomes one of the most sought-after comfort systems for your home and business. If your existing air conditioner is not performing as it should, then it’s time to buy a new air conditioner.

If you are looking for experts whom you can trust for air conditioning in your Gig Harbor, WA property, trust the name Gig Harbor HVAC. Our certified HVAC technicians are the best in the industry and can handle all sizes and make any new air conditioner.

Why should you call us for your new AC installation job?

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Excellent workmanship and quality
  • An affordable cost
  • Expertise and resources

You will be amazed at how much difference the right air conditioning system can make to keep your home cool and de-humidified. Whether ductless or with ductwork, a new air conditioner that fits your particular requirements makes all the difference in cooling your indoor space and keeping children, the elderly, pets, and everyone else comfortable!

New Air Conditioner Gig Harbor

Whether you require a new air conditioner installed in your Gig Harbor area home or repair services for your existing system, we have a complete solution for anything that concerns your HVAC system, including:

  • Broken thermostats
  • Leaks
  • Dirty filters
  • Low airflow

You need not worry about HVAC breakdowns. We are there to provide you with repair services in and around Gig Harbor. When your air conditioner is not working to its optimal capacity, and you doubt that it needs repair or replacement with a new air conditioner, call us.

Our expert technicians can take a look and give honest suggestions about whether your air conditioning system needs repairs or replacement with a new AC installation.

Gig Harbor New AC Installation

Functionality issues with your air conditioner can lead to a drop-in performance. If the problems go unchecked for long, it can cause severe breakdowns and inconvenience. Are your energy bills spiking, does your HVAC unit refuse to start, are there signs of water damage and noises while the machine begins?

It may be time for a new AC installation in your Gig Harbor home. If you notice anything odd, call us immediately. Our trained technicians are capable of:

  • Repairing HVAC malfunctions
  • Suggesting feasible solutions
  • Providing new AC installation services

Choose Burdick Heating & Cooling as your trusted partner for all air conditioning services in the Gig Harbor area.

Call us at (360) 377-0373if you need air conditioning repair or a new air conditioner in your WA Gig Harbor property. We specialize in new AC installation!